• Trudy

    Logan is a wonderful person to work with. Caring and very professional.

  • Duane, Realtor

    I recently hired Logan Marks to tackle an 80 acre listing in McHenry MD’s Deep Creek Lake. This was not your average listing! It has multiple cabins, cliffs, indian caves, streams and a waterfall! I had very high expectations from the start and Logan exceeded them by a country mile (no pun intended). His unique approach to visual content, advertising and ability to tell a story through video has his competition striving for second place, because they’re not going to catch him!

    If you want the best possible talent for your next project look no further than Marks Media

  • Shayla, HC Land

    Over the years, HC Land has successfully acquired and developed hundreds of properties in the Washington Metro area. We recently hired Logan to complete a photo shoot of our completed projects, along with current and forthcoming jobs. Logan (Marks Media) took our marketing strategies to a whole new level. These eye-catching shots will be used when marketing each project to national builders. Not only were his services the definition of perfection, but Logan’s incredible adaptability to work with clients and his capability to know what the consumer wants before they inform him, makes his clients feel self-assured about the services that he provides. I was particularly taken by Logan’s creative mind and independent work ethic. He is highly reliable, dedicated to his work, and eternally upbeat. Some people stand out for their great qualities and Logan is one of those people.
    In summation, due to his great attitude, dedication, excellent potential and top-notch services, Logan has my highest recommendation. We look forward to working with Logan in the future.

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