Social Media

Stop and look around you. I’m willing to bet over half of the people around you at any given time are either staring at their phone or talking/texting on one. That’s the world we live in and it shows no signs of changing. We live in a digital world, and if you want your business to get noticed, you need to be on that phone the person next to you is looking at. Social media is quite possibly one of the best things to ever happen in this era. It gives even the smallest companies a chance to shine and be seen by the world. Marks Media’s first contract ever was a simple social media consulting project. We are pros at creating beautiful imagery and hate to see that work be implemented incorrectly online.

Whether you’re a small business and don’t have the staff to run your brands social outlets, or simply don’t know the most effective ways to spend your marketing budgets to get the best ROI — we can help!

Social Media Consulting

Funny cat videos aren’t the only thing people look at online. We’ll start from the beginning and get you on the right track. We start with the basics and help you through all the essential elements of social media. We’ll build a custom strategy for your business and help your brand get noticed and be in front of the customers it should be.

Social Media Management

Would you love to check your phone at lunch and see new followers, likes, and shares on your social media outlets? Let’s make that dream a reality and allow Marks Media to manage your social media. You won’t lose control or not be able to share content, we’ll just be your marketing department with the flexibility of only working when we need too. We work with businesses of all sizes and budgets to end the days of your business only posting once every two weeks. We’ll build a strategy and use analytics to post at peak times and get your content in front of potential customers. Every business has a story and a way to interact with an online audience, let us help attract more customers and build your brand.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns 

Does your company have big news? Are you gearing up to launch a new product? Having a big sale? Let’s build a custom campaign a create killer content to make sure that big news doesn’t go unnoticed. We’ll do everything from product photography, storyboard design, narration, and video production to help that next campaign budget go further than any traditional marketing approach could ever dream too.