Commercial Photography

I got into photography in kind of an odd way. I’ve been obsessed with video my entire life and had never owned a professional photo camera. In the last decade the bold line that used to exist between photo and video cameras has become almost non-existent. Now I have cameras capable of shooting 42MP stills and 4K video. That crossover advanced my photography pretty quickly, considering I was using the same camera as professional photographers to film with. I’ve never focused in the common areas of photographer (ie. portraits & weddings.)

If you google “wedding photographer” no matter where you are – there will most likely be dozens in your local area. I chose to go outside the box and have focused all my time in what I consider “commercial photography.”

Everything from real estate to product photography — I seem to be one of the few in the region who have strictly chosen this route and couldn’t be happier.

It’s where I feel I do the best work and the only thing I want to deliver to clients is perfection.