Marks Media Team

Filmmaker | Photographer | Insomniac 

Hi, I’m Logan Marks the founder of Marks Media, but in reality I’m just a filmmaker who couldn’t control his inner entrepreneur any longer. 2 years after graduating college I lost my job. I had done everything that you’re “supposed” to do. I went straight to college, obtained a degree in a economics, did a summer internship, and then landed a job with the government. Those two years after college were time I’ll never get back. After working more hours than most of the department I was in and trying to impress all the right people, I still lost my job because of budget cuts. I promised myself from that moment on, I was going to be happy and follow the dreams we’re all told are nothing more than dreams. It’s cliche to say — but losing my job was the best thing that’s ever happen to me. I’m not happy unless I’m creating things and I want to use that passion to help tell your story.

Chief Organizational Officer | Wife | Crazy Cat Poodle Lady

Heather doesn’t ACTUALLY work for Marks Media, but she sure does end up taking on lots of the work load. In the last year I haven’t booked any of my own hotels, flights, or ever actually sent or kept track of mail. She even sends me calendar reminders because she knows if it’s not on my phone, I’ll forget. She has done all of this while in school completing her Doctorate Program. She’s been and Certified Nurse Practitioner since we were 25, and more recently completed her doctorate degree in nursing. She literally saves lives for a living, so really anything I do is just footnote in our relationship. She’s been there with me for the whole ride. She was there when I graduated college, when I lost my job, when I decided to start my own business, and she was there to say I do to someone as absolutely nuts as me. If I had one complaint it would be that the number of poodles in our house seems to be exponentially increasing at a rather alarming rate.

Office Manager | Doorbell | Blanket Monster

Zoey is a 3 year old teacup poodle weighing in at an impressive 3.5lbs. She hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and at the young age of 8 weeks she hopped on a plane and was picked up at Pittsburgh International Airport by Logan & Heather. She’s been living the lake life in Deep Creek since. Don’t let the cuteness fool you, Zoey also doubles as a doorbell and keeps the kitchen floor spotless!

Office Assistant | Even Louder Doorbell | Cheese Connoisseur

Belle is a 4 year old toy poodle and was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Belle made the trek to mountain Maryland at 10 weeks old and has known nothing but the wonders of Garrett County since. She spends 27 of the 24 hours a day sleeping and/or chasing anything that squeaks. She has a problem with toy balls and we’ve had numerous family interventions about her “problem.” She is however a wonderful office mate and keeps all of us entertained.

Office Security | Olympic Sprinter | The Loudest Doorbell

Rickie is a 2 year old standard poodle and is from right here in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. He’s from TLC Poodles & Doodles in McHenry. Rickie is a distinguished graduate of the Nemacolin Resort Wooflands Puppy Kindergarten. We fell in love with Rickie the first time we saw him because of his color and he was also the runt of his litter. Flash forward 2 years and he’s 80lbs and one of the tallest and biggest dogs to ever come from TLC. He’s also great at keeping your feet warm in bed during Garrett County’s 14 months of winter.

Office Intern | Aspiring Olympic Jumper | Just Copies the other Doorbells

Rudy isn’t really the type of dude you can summarize in a few words. He is Rickie’s brotha from anotha motha. He’s from TLC Poodles in McHenry and specializes in copying everything Rickie does and bouncing on his back legs. He also like running laps and knocking things off tables.


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Logan Marks Media business

Web Design | Video Production | Storyboard Design | Taco Connoisseur

Cooper is from from Western Maryland, but now lives in Seattle, Washington. He is classically trained in Business Marketing, but his focus is in online marketing. While attending college, Cooper’s parents had the idea to start making small and tiny houses. The idea came from his dad’s dislike for winter construction. In order to build them inside, they had to be small. Hobbitat Spaces was born, and the market for tiny homes took off! He started all means of marketing from that point and became very hands on with: Photography, web design, videography, social media, e-commerce, and SEO.

He now manages the US Online sales for Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, Coal Headwear and the three brands umbrella company, C3. “I think great marketing comes from immersing yourself within the business and truly understanding its core values and attitude. If there is one thing snowboarding has taught me in the last 18 years, its all about trying something new and maintaining style. I think that translates beautifully into marketing for a business.”


Whenever we cover large events or video and photo are both needed, Justin will be the the other guy behind the camera. He is currently a student at the University of Maryland studying environmental science and policy.  He spends every weekend shooting events, portraits, sports and commercial projects. His images are both captivating and original. Justin is one of those people that we always look for, he truly loves what he does and it shines in each of his images.