About Us

Marks Media is a Marketing/Media agency located in Deep Creek Lake, MD. Our mission is simple — we want to tell your story through beautiful imagery and content.

The company was founded in 2014 and has been a fully licensed LLC since 2015. Our founder Logan Marks has been a film/photo fanatic since a young age. In early 2015, Logan lost his full-time government job as an economic analyst. This was his first job out of college and the experience while difficult was in his words… “The best thing that ever happened to me”

He decided to focus on something he felt passionate about and started consulting with small businesses and help them to use social media effectively. It wasn’t long before he realized that the businesses lacked majorly in one area of social media — content.

After taking almost all the money from his savings to invest in the best camera gear he could afford at the time — Marks Media was born. Since the early days we have worked with loads of small businesses and have had the chance to shoot large projects for international corporations.

We don’t wear suits, and we consume unhealthy amounts of caffeine — but none of us wake up and dread going to work.
We love what we do, and want to help your business get noticed.
Logan Marks Media business