How it all started

Marks Media started as an idea in early 2014 and has been a fully licensed LLC since 2015. Our founder, Logan Marks has been a film/photo fanatic since a young age. In early 2015, Logan lost his full-time government job as an economic analyst. This was his first job out of college and the experience while difficult was in his words “the best thing that could have ever happened to me.” Instead of searching to fill a job, he chose to create one. He decided to focus on something he felt passionate about and started consulting with small businesses and helped them to use social media effectively. It wasn’t long before he realized that not only do most businesses use their social media ineffectively, they simply did not have engaging content. That was the snowball that started the avalanche and resurrected Logan’s passion for creating imagery – moving and still. It’s been two years since inception and our main priority is still much intact – We want to tell your story. 

Our Services

Marks Media is a Marketing/Media agency located in Deep Creek Lake, MD.

Our mission is simple — we want to tell your story through beautiful imagery and content.

Social Media

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Real Estate

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We tell stories. From corporate interviews, small business promos, live events, and so much more.
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Focusing on all realms of commercial work to help people and businesses showcase their products and story through lifestyle imagery.
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After taking almost all the money from his savings to invest in the best camera gear he could afford at the time — Marks Media was born. Since the early days we have worked with loads of small businesses and have had the chance to shoot large projects for international corporations.

We don’t wear suits, and we consume unhealthy amounts of caffeine — but none of us wake up and dread going to work. We love what we do, and want to help your business get noticed.

Meet The Team

What Our Clients Think

  • “Logan is a wonderful person to work with. Caring and very professional.”



  • “I recently hired Logan Marks to tackle an 80 acre listing in McHenry MD’s Deep Creek Lake. This was not your average listing! It has multiple cabins, cliffs, indian caves, streams and a waterfall! I had very high expectations from the start and Logan exceeded them by a country mile (no pun intended). His unique approach to visual content, advertising and ability to tell a story through video has his competition striving for second place, because they’re not going to catch him!


    If you want the best possible talent for your next project look no further than Marks Media”



  • “Over the years, HC Land has successfully acquired and developed hundreds of properties in the Washington Metro area. We recently hired Logan to complete a photo shoot of our completed projects, along with current and forthcoming jobs. Logan (Marks Media) took our marketing strategies to a whole new level. These eye-catching shots will be used when marketing each project to national builders…  Logan has my highest recommendation. We look forward to working with Logan in the future. “


    -Shayla, HC Land

  • “Logan and I were in the Economics program together at Frostburg State University. He displayed leadership skills and was always very charismatic. He organized group study sessions, and he was always willing to work with others. I admire his work ethic, public speaking skills, and his ability to follow his passion. “


    -Brianne Zimmerman, PhD Candidate – WVU

  • “Logan has been a dedicated and driven professional since I first met him as a colleague during a summer job in college. He has always shown immense ambition and gone above and beyond in all professional endeavors. He has proven himself an incredibly successful and entrepreneur at a very young age and I have full confidence that he will be a capable, high-performing contributor throughout his career regardless of where it may lead him. “


    -Amber Carmichael, Talent Advisor – Waste Management

Meet Logan

I was born in Morgantown, WV but have been a native of the beautiful mountains of Garrett County, MD my entire life. I have always strived in fast-paced, creative environments. I am a graduate of Frostburg State University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. I have always been a person who constantly asks “why?” That curiosity was what gravitated me towards economics. I loved all of my time at college, but after graduation I realized a typical 9-5 was not for me. I’ve been a creative person my whole life. I got my first camera around the age of 9. It was a 110 film camera that my mom let me buy at a yard sale. That christmas I asked for a camcorder and used to make video “edits” with my footage, 2 VCR’s, and a CD player. The rest really is history. I look forward to meeting you, and helping to tell your story.

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At Marks Media our main goal is to help people and businesses tell their stories. We would absolutely love to work with you!

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