exactly where we should be

Exactly Where We Should Be

I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone that I absolutely love what I do. I mean LOVE what I do. Since high school I’ve always been nervous for the future, and always wondered what in the world I would do with my life. I don’t feel that anxiety anymore. I don’t think I’m going to be a millionaire, and I’m completely ok with that. I’m exactly where I want to be.

It’s amazing to me how we make our way through childhood and have all these big ideas of what we’ll be, what we’ll do, who we’ll marry. Oddly enough it seems like although we take different paths to get there, most of us find our way. Some people seem to take the scenic route (like me) others go straight to the point — My mother and girlfriend are perfect examples of that. They’ve never questioned what they wanted to do. They both were made to take care of people, so that’s exactly what they do. My wonderful other half has been in direct pursuit of her Nurse Practitioner degree since starting college. My incredible mother has been an RN for about 137 years now (which is odd because she’s only 26?? and looks 23!?) Regardless of how long both of them have been in the nursing field speaking this odd alien language to one another over dinner, they were both undoubtedly made to do just that. Not the weird acronym language… nursing. I can see it on their faces everyday. Taking care of sick people isn’t a paycheck to them, it’s who they are — it is everything to them.

I however took a different path. I’ve done a little bit of everything. I changed my major in college 4 times and took 5 years to get my bachelors degree in economics. I picked up DJing as a hobby that became my source of income throughout college. Then, to put the icing on the cake I quit my full-time job to start a business in a field that wasn’t even related to my degree. Even though my road had a couple more turns, I arrived at my destination just fine.

Now, to the punch line and inspiration for tonight.

My grandfather passed away earlier this year. He was an absolutely incredible man — a WWII vet, and a member of about every charity organization that exists (and a few I think he made up.) When he passed, I had the pleasure of meeting two of the most incredible people that I’m now more than happy to call my friends. Chris and Sherri — the owners of C&S Fredlock funeral home in Oakland, MD. They made me feel like family from the second I walked through the door, and were amazing over the week of my grandfathers services. Most importantly, they gave my grandfather the dedication and tribute he deserved.

Chris & Sherri are some of the most admirable people I’ve ever met, and it takes truly special people to do what they do. They seem to take everything a step further though. It isn’t just about being a good host and coordinating seamless services, they go out of their way to help families dealing with the hardest thing in life. I had the pleasure of working with Chris and Sherri over the last few months, and got to know the behind the scenes of what goes on in their world. It’s overwhelming and impressive watching them handle everything with ease. These are two people who you don’t see in the spotlight. Two people who donate to what I’m pretty sure is every organization in the tri-state area. Two people who were made to do exactly what they’re doing, and it’s very obvious.

Just like I said, we all end up where we’re supposed to be. We all were made to do something. Don’t be afraid to look around a little bit.

Be safe. Be kind.

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